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Whether it's wedding photography or a beach sunset photoshoot, We capture your memories forever.

Are you looking for an Oahu photographer|Maui photographer|Kauai photographer|Big island photographer|Honolulu photographer| Kona photographer in Hawaii? We'd be delighted to hear from you. Zen space is the best destination in Hawaii to discover the best photographers on Maui, Oahu, Kauai, Waikiki, Honolulu, Kona, and the Big Island. We specialize in professional Photography. We like visiting all of the island destinations and are well-versed in the best picture spots on each island.

Islands on Hawaii provide visitors world-class shopping, restaurants, and galleries, as well as mild tropical breezes and white sand beaches. Besides all these, you may have desired to make these Lovely moments last forever. That's why we welcome you to get the best Photographer of your choice at Zen space.
Let's make something that you'll be proud of.

It all starts with an Idea—an opportunity to make a difference. To us, Photography entails just that. It's an opportunity to make a negligible impact on someone's life.
We are devoted, dependable, and trustworthy. We like learning new things and are always ready to give a helping hand. Our passion is Photography. a stellar reputation in Photography with hundreds of 5-star reviews.

Zen space has Top Rated Maui photographers who know the best photoshoot spots at
Maui Island, Excellent Kauai photographers who are well aware of the beautiful hidden places for lovely photoshoots of couples; besides Skilled Oahu photographers and Honolulu photographers, we also have Big island photographers who capture the moments that last forever in couples memories. Family pictures, weddings and engagements, pregnancy, fashion, and senior portraits are all specialties at Zen space.

The photographers are incredibly familiar with Maui, Oahu, Kauai, Big Island. They can often tell you about hidden waterfalls that make excellent backgrounds for professional Photography on these islands.
Our professional photographers capture stunning images in the most recognizable locations at Maui, Kauai, Waikiki, Honolulu, Big Island, and Oahu Islands.

When there are hundreds of photographers in Hawaii all competing for your business, why choose Zen space as your family, maternity, or couples photographer?
Well, there's a solid reason if you enjoy the style and quality of the photos you see here. Aside from that, I provide care, professionalism, excitement, and a no-worries attitude to help folks like you relax and enjoy our time together. I enjoy what I do, and every photo session is just plain fun,
from romantic sunset photographs of couples to out-of-the-ordinary family portraits that even the kids think are cool.


 GRAHAM Owner / Artist / Photographer / Creative Director

Graham, who has been working as a professional photographer in Fashion, advertising, and portrait photography since 1995.  Graham learned his craft by freelance assisting many Top celebrated professional photographers in the L.A and New York area, working on front cover magazines like Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Vanity Fair photographing the inside pages of editorial stories with celebrities, editorial stories with fashion campaigns for global brands that often traveled around the world. 

Graham as a professional photographer has worked in New York, Los Angeles, Paris, London, and Manchester his Birthplace. He has been a busy Photographer on Maui | Oahu | Kauai | Big Island since 2004 and has had his sought after photographs published in National and International magazines. Graham has also a creative background as an art director/movie poster designer for the movie industry, when he lived in Los Angeles, for giants such as 20th Century Fox, Universal Pictures, Walt Disney Pictures, Paramount Pictures, MGM, Warner Brothers, DreamWorks, designing blockbuster movie posters and billboards with successful marketing campaigns that have been advertised across the globe. Grahams style in photography has a fun fashion feel with a flare of cinema and an ability to bring out the fun and beauty in a person in a natural setting with his comfortable direction to put clients at ease.  

Studio manager / Photographer and director of bookings
Grace has been working as a professional published photographer for the last 12 years on Maui. Her unique creative style and ability to make children smile and feel comfortable in front of the camera is so wonderful to see. Grace is also an arts and craft expert with an ability to fix almost anything that needs fixing. Grace has the Aloha friendly spirit that keeps us all feeling good and not only is Grace a creative soul she is also a great leader of our company that keeps us all organized and always on time.

Meet our award winning team of carefully chosen top Hawaii professional photographers that have been published in magazines around the world and have earned hundreds of five-star reviews from very satisfied clients.


 Team Photographer
Casey has won numerous awards in the field of photography and has such a warm friendly personality and a very natural ability to capture your true personality using natural light. Her love for photography goes back over 10 years ago using her dark room to make her own portrait art prints Our clients love working with Casey especially those with Children.   

 Team Photographer
Speaks five languages!!! Michele studied photography since she was an early teenager and won many awards for her amazing photography our clients love. We are delighted to add our youngest team member who has a very positive fun personality with a very creative style of working. Michele is dedicated to perfection in her craft and always gives 100% when she is working as a professional photographer on our team.  

 Photographic post production artist
Geri is a very talented visual artist who has a degree in design, she sees all the pictures going through our studio and is an expert at making sure your photographs are color corrected and tone adjusted and ready for you to take them to a printer or use your pictures for social media. Geri also speaks fluent Hawaiian and has won 
many Hula dance competitions around Hawaiian islands.

 Production Traffic Controller - Trend Coordinator
Sarah has a degree in marketing and is in charge of a making sure the many photo shoots we go through each month is delivered to you on time. She is also our location scouter for the many beautiful places we shoot at in Hawaii and makes sure we have permits for permission to take pictures there. She also studies the craze in fashion, design and technology and keeps us all up to date on what are the current trends in photography. We often have style boards on the walls of our studio that she creates and she keeps our desks filled with all the latest magazines for photography, fashion, interior design and travel that gives us all inspiration, that keeps us ahead of the latest style movements around the world. 

 Team Photographer
 Hi Im Kela and I am embracing a new age of portrait and wedding photography in which I am determined to capture the beauty in the realness and authenticity of the moment. It is not about poses or plastered on smiles, it is about feeling something when you see a photo and thinking to yourself "wow I can tell how genuinely happy I was in this moment." I believe real and beautiful moments in time are the most worthwhile images one can take. Mahalo"

 Team Photographer
"I love to capture emotion, it’s my favorite part about photography! It’s the moments in-between that are the moments worth remembering.” Lauren specializes in event and location photography to capture your magical moments in the most beautiful way. She attended MATC in Milwaukee, WI where she studied the science of photography and officially learned how to use a camera with the many variations and styles of professional studio lighting. Lauren is also very open to suggestions, and if there is a particular style of photography that you like, just let Lauren know and she will accommodate your wishes.

Team photographer
K.L has deep love for storytelling, who uses only natural light to photograph her subjects – expecting mothers, newborns, children, families, weddings and high school seniors. It is her goal to reveal the beauty that exists in each of them. The key to accomplishing this is by making her clients feel comfortable and natural, most often in a natural setting. K.L is a mother of 4 boys who she loves and adores. You will often see K.L out surfing with her boys when she is not shooting

 Team Photographer
KR is well established professional photographer, who is committed to excellence and professionalism. Photographing couples, families, weddings and special events in Hawaii, California and Anguilla for more than 10 years has proven her passion and dedication to provide amazing, fun and memorable experience and most importantly beautiful images exceeding her client’s expectations. Using the very best and latest Canon cameras and lenses, she captures the candid moments, details, the beauty of the surroundings and the dynamic of her client’s event. She connects easily with her clients, making instant, friendly relationships. KR is easy-going personality helps her clients being themselves comfortably in front of her cameras. Therefore, she delivers natural, fun, romantic photographs.

 Team Photographer
Ian has been a professional photographer in Hawaii since 2005, with a unique style that captures the beauty and fun side of people as well as the gorgeous nature that Hawaii offers. 
"To me Photography can be many careers rolled into one and at all times I am readily available as a counselor, psychiatrist, comedian, and an artist. When I'd laid down the foundations of my skills in shooting, I began really focusing on the people and letting the shots just happen, rather than trying to stage and press each and every shot. Instead of referring to a palette of colors or a repertoire of canned shots, I relax and laugh with the people I'm privileged enough to work with. It's my firm belief that this is the real route to capturing -- As cliché as that word is when dealing in photography -- the real fundamentals of who a person is. Remove the aspect of a performance from it, forget about the matte black machine between you and them, and the honesty comes through in the shot. To me, that's what makes my photography what it is. The root of how, and why, I do what I do".

 Team Photographer
Greg has been passionate about photography since 1981. He has been a sought after professionally published photographer in Hawaii for the last 15 years photographing for lifestyle advertising, family portraits, weddings, engagements, proposals, and professional headshots for business. Greg has a warm friendly personality and very enjoyable to be around. We are happy to have Greg on our team.

 Team Photographer
John has been a professional photographer since 1992 when he was a U.S. Air Force Photographer. John graduated from the Academy of Art University with a Master of Fine Arts degree in Photography. Well before graduating he obtained extensive training throughout the years ranging from one-on-one apprenticeships, workshops, seminars, and more focused on honing his photography skills. His diverse background and experience helps him better understand and serve clients to create images they love. John is often praised for his wonderful personality and his ability to make clients comfortable in front of the camera. He always strives to offer exceptional services and treat others the way he wants to be treated. His wonderful family portrait and engagement photography has captured an original unique and beautiful style that we are happy to share his talents as our team photographer to our clients.

 Team Photographer
Originally from South Florida, Alexandra made her way to Kauai in 2015, where she fell in love with the laid back island lifestyle and lush tropical landscapes. Her interest in photography began when she was a young girl, documenting family road trips and summer vacations. Her love for nature and for people are what led her to become a lifestyle and portrait photographer. She enjoys capturing raw, real expressions and bringing out natural emotions in her clients. When she’s not photographing, she’s probably in her vegetable garden, hiking a tall mountain or practicing yoga. 

 Team Photographer
Professional photographer since 1987
Specializing in family, maternity, weddings, engagements, graduation, and fashion Photos have appeared in newspapers, fashion magazines and clothing websites
My philosophy is not to just take pictures, but to capture a moment in time. It doesn’t matter if I work with one person, couples or families with children, I want each client to feel comfortable and relaxed, so I can bring out the best in them and capture their special moments.
For me, everything is about lighting, whether it’s natural or artificial. I strive for the best lightning to bring out the most in a photo shoot.

 Team Photographer
Kristen graduated from Brooks Institute of Photography with a BA in Film and emphasis in Commercial Advertising. After college Kristen went on to work in the Los Angeles and Hawaii Film Industry. She has worked in advertising / fashion /weddings and portrait photography since she graduated with top honors. Kristen grew up in Hawaii and not only is she an amazing photographer, she is also a talented surfer who loves being in nature. Her fun and friendly personality and original creative style of working are a joy to be around.

 Team Photographer
I've been working as a photographer professionally for 9 years now. I started my photography career in the action sports industry of Southern California, photographing surfing and clothing-lines for some of the industries biggest names like Volcom and Hurley. I love to travel and my adventures led me to Hawaii where I fell in love with the island of Maui and its people. 5 years ago my wife and I got married and moved to Maui the very next day! Since then we have made a beautiful life here raising our two children and photographing all the beauty that surrounds us. Growing up I took in as much art and information as I could about photography. I learned from any photographer that would let me tag along and I took every photo class I could find. I went on to graduate from Cal State Long Beach with a degree in Digital Media Arts. I feel very fortunate to make my living capturing memories for couples and families here on the island of Maui. I feel very blessed to have been apart of so many peoples lives that I would have never met had it not been for photography and being able to capture memories that they will cherish for years to come has been the most fulfilling experience! I am thankful everyday for this opportunity to follow my passion for portrait photography!

 Team Photographer
Kirk got hooked on photography as a child,Kirk’s work focuses on beautiful natural light portraits of people and families. His unique and iconic Hawaiian vistas as art – from the detail of a plant to the spectacle that is a rare sunset to the panorama of a star-studded night sky to native cultural events, weddings, when he found a discarded Brownie camera in his grandfather’s attic and attempted to capture twinkling stars on film. While he learned the basic rudiments of professional photography as a teenager and shot through the years, a Silicon Valley technology career consumed most of his energy until Thirteen years ago. After moving to Kona and finding himself surrounded by visual gems begging to be captured as permanent images, he started attending workshops and studying to become the artist he is today. engagements and beach portraits. You can find his art included in the National Geographic’s Voices Bioblitz. In addition, his photographs have been used as cover art for three celebrated books. 

Team Photographer
M/R is our Kauai based, adventure landscape photographer. Born and raised in rural northwest Ohio, M/R curiosity for new scenery has encouraged her to spend a lot of time traveling.
Two years after graduating with a Fine Art Photography degree from Northern Kentucky University, she relocated to the gorgeous island of Kauai and launched a career in portraits and adventure photography. 
In the years since, she has become an award-winning and an internationally published outdoor photographer. She creates imagery for family portraits, engagements, weddings and outdoor brands and publications worldwide. You'll most likely (try to) find her in the ocean, running through the jungle, or high on a peak, often barefoot, with a camera in her hand.

Team Photographer
Cheryl is a passionate self-taught creative and has been a professional photographer in Hawaii since 2010. She has been on many photography workshops that have formulated a unique style all of her own. She specializes in lifestyle portraits and has had her work in galleries and magazines. She makes her photoshoots an enjoyable experience with her love of people and her passion for nature, she is a joy to be around and makes everyone comfortable in front of the camera.

Team Photographer
Malle has been a professional photographer for the last 11 years and has a lot of practice with photographing children, especially because she has three beautiful children of her own and two beautiful step children that she has captured lots of special moments with her cameras. Besides photographing her stunning portraits of families, she also has a loving desire for capturing really gorgeous maternity pictures photographed in nature. Her loving and creative personality are exactly what we enjoy for our team. 

 Team Photographer
Sara is a photographer that likes to have fun with her clients. She enjoys working with couples and children. She has been a photographer on Maui since 2004, specializing in wedding and family photography. Her goal is to make every session special and find the unique quality in each client. 

 Team Photographer
Isaac is a well-traveled nature man with a strong passion for studying and capturing the beauty of nature, especially beautiful lifestyle portraits with people of all cultures and backgrounds revealing their loving true self. With a very positive vibe and enjoyable personality he always has his camera with him and is a truly passionate photographer with a wonderful understanding of natural light. 




Team Photographer
Kayla is a charismatic, free spirited photographer and artist on the island of Maui! She believes in capturing natural, unscripted moments between the ones you love most. Kayla will put you at ease while you have fun on your beautiful Maui photo session! 

 Team Photographer
I am a devoted mother that loves what I do! My days start with cuddles and pancakes and ends with my toes in the sand getting to know amazing people from all over the world. By looking at life through my my camera lens, I have found beauty, light, and love. 

It's not difficult too, locate a photographer in any area of Maui. kauai, Oahu, or the Big Island of Hawaii.  Whether you're at the beach in Wailea or on the other side near Kaanapali, Hana, in Waikiki, Magic Island, Lihue, Hanalei, Princeville or Kona, your search for a Hawaii photographer can be as easy as a google search or a walk to your hotel lobby. If you find a photography company in your hotel that tells you it's free and claiming if you don't like the pictures, you do not pay anything, then this means that your photographer will work for you with his own camera gear he paid good money for to capture images of you and the family or a couple in love for an hour and travel an hour to photograph you all for free. Is this fair? So what kind of quality of services do you know that is out there that gives you something for free and the quality is absolutely outstanding?  There are all kinds of professionals out there in the photography world especially on Maui | Kauai | Big Island | Oahu, who are really good at their craft and they deserve to be treated fairly and be paid for their services that they have worked hard for.  You may find some photographers who will work for free who take stunning pictures and you can still only buy one picture if you wish, and that photographer will make less than minimum wage after a percentage of the money you pay goes to the company who hired the photographer for you. 

Here at Zen Space we value our photographers and we treat them with great respect and we make sure they get paid for their services.  We see it as a reciprocal assurance in that what you give is what you get and how you treat someone is how you will be treated in return. So if our photographers are happy, then you the client will also be happy. Our Maui photography team, Oahu photography team, Kauai photography team, and our Big Island photography team, all have one thing in common, they are all super friendly and very professional, they love the photographs they take and they are passionate about their career as professional photographers in Hawaii. 

 Our Hawaii photography team is carefully selected and trained to the highest standards, so if you are looking for a Maui photographer, we have 15 top photographers on Maui, if you need an Oahu photographer, we have 10 Top professional photographers, If you are searching for a Kauai photographers, we have 11 Top professional photographers and if you are in need of a Big Island photographer, we have 9 Top award-winning photographers.  So in total, we have an outstanding team of 45 top professional photographers located on all islands of Hawaii. To reach us we highly suggest to fill out our Inquiry form, giving us all the essential details for us to plan your fun photoshoot on Maui | Oahu | Kauai | Big Island, and our friendly aloha team will respond to you shortly.


Our team of top Maui wedding photographers, Kauai wedding photographers, Oahu wedding photographers and our Big Island wedding photographers have may years of experience in the wedding industry.  They have traveled across all the islands of Hawaii to photograph the biggest weddings and the smallest most intimate beach weddings from all across the coast on the most gorgeous beaches you have ever seen.  

Wedding photography is a big part of Hawaii's industry and our team of very friendly award winning photographers have been published in many of the top wedding magazines for their beautiful pictures of destination wedding photography in Hawaii.  

The wedding industry is such an important part of Hawaii culture and our wedding photography team are proud to be  part of this very special Hawaiian tradition we take great pride in for the role it plays and the important values it brings to the culture of Hawaii.